Our Virtual Services

In today's increasingly digital world, virtual services have become essential for organizations looking to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. One area where Prctr.com have proven particularly useful is in exam administration. Here are some of the virtual services that are commonly offered for exam administration:

Setting up exams: Prctr can assist with setting up exams by providing an online platform where exam questions can be uploaded and organized according to the desired format. The platform may also allow for customization of exam settings, such as the length of the exam, question types, and grading scales.

Sending welcome emails: Prctr can automate the process of sending welcome emails to test-takers. These emails may contain important information such as exam instructions, time and date of the exam, and login credentials.

Sending result reports: After the exam has been completed, Prctr can generate and send result reports to the exam takers. These reports may contain detailed breakdowns of scores, individual performance, and overall performance statistics.

Online proctoring of exams: One of the most important virtual services for exam administration is online proctoring. This involves using video conferencing and monitoring software to remotely supervise test-takers during an exam to ensure the integrity and security of the exam.

Checking test-takers' identification: Prctr can use identity verification tools to ensure that the person taking the exam is who they claim to be. This may involve the use of facial recognition software, biometric data, or other forms of identity verification.

Providing screen share: Prctr may offer the option for test-takers to share their screen with the proctor during the exam to ensure that they are not accessing any unauthorized materials or websites during the exam.

Reporting: Prctr can generate reports on exam results, including detailed breakdowns of scores, individual performance, and overall performance statistics.

Browser tracking: Prctr can monitor the test-taker's browser activity during the exam to detect any suspicious activity or attempts to cheat.

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